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Die Fremden by Markus Payer


The multicultural theatre group "Die Fremden" was founded by the Viennese drama teacher and director, Dagmar Ransmayr in 1992. Initially, the aim was to provide the people to whom Austria became a second home, with the opportunity of extended form of exchange and communication through theatre. The issues by which the actors and actresses were moved, were played to one another, discussed and finally put on stage. In 1993 the first full-length play was performed under the title:"Die Fremden" After this the group subsequently called themselves "Die Fremden".
"Die Fremden" developed into a pool of active amateur actors and actresses with a migration background to whom the Vienna theatre scene is seldom accessible or in the plays where the amateur actors and actresses with a little knowledege of German feel at unease.
Within the group the actors and actresses are not guided by lines learned by heart but act out of spontaneity of feeling and acting. Performance and improvisation are components familiar to the actors and actresses. Movement, dance and mime manifest themselves as international languages.

All plays and figures are developed in group-and improvisational work. The individuality and peculiarity of every single actor and actresses is up to the ensemble. That means the actor or the actress doesn't need to subordinate to the production, on the contrary, they are the ones to decide on the course of the play. The way of the intial idea ranges from (which mostly has its roots in personal experience and current political situations) to the completed play, which has a common denominator (in cultural diversity) in a new ever changing plot, course and a new technique is an intensive way.Cautiously, scene by scene, figure by figure, a piece starts emirging. A lot of time is spent on the development of improvisation and dialogue.
"Die Fremden" consider themselves to be a poltically committed group of amateur actors and actresses who work to the method of " The Theatre of The Oppressed" Social evils are highlighted and put on stage in an alienated form. The group is aimed at making the world changeable and comprhensible to the audiance by means of their plays. Oppression and being oppressed are to be regarded as the key issue and brought into question as well.

72 people from 39 countries have acted in the plays. A puzzle consisting of various theatre cultures within the framework of a Central European theatre tradition and scene. A motley mixture of languages,trends, experiences, cultural roots and orientations.
The implicit issue of" Strangeness and Otherness" has, as the title suggests, remained as central theme.




PROJECT 2014-2016

Der Duft der Paradeiser (The Smell of Tomatoes)

They meet by chance at a waste container: Soraya, a strange old lady holding a mysterious
love and lost home in herself. And Valentina, a feisty Italian, straight left from her husband - a
Good-for-nothing, as she calls him - and full of rage at life and the country in which she is because of him.

It is the story of a incipient women-friendship, which - especially when Soraya is taken away from her house and
she should be deported to a device - is characterized by mutual responsibility and revealed truths.

"The Smell of Tomatoes" is the 20th production of the theater group "Die Fremden" (the strangers/the foreigners),
which was founded in 1992 and in which - since then - 72 people from 39 countries have participated.

The play was created by intense, detailed pre- and improvisational work and contains many very personal
themes and stories, such as the abandonment of old ones, the loss of home, the growing old in a foreign country
and the partially bizarre confrontations in intercultural partnerships. Through everything runs a
melody and a dance, sometimes eagerly, sometimes passionate, sometimes clumsy and awkward.
Just like the search for a place that smells like the tomatoes of home.


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Die Fremden - multikulturelle Theatergruppe